Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Chinese New YEar 2012

Few days of Chinese New Year Holiday,
enough meh?
Time passes so fast especially happy time.
Today open work boss tarik outside opis, he also agree that CNY passes so fast! but anjua also have to start work liao.
Everything will back to normal very soon.

so this time CNY, domo really happy lo!
Coz Domoba and Domoma flew back to KL to celebrate this reunion.

Basically everyone's happiness are 10/10 except...
grandma, because this yr reunion dinner we roll it in VEGE style!
 every year we consume too much of meat during CNY and it is not good for Granny's health! It's all for your best, dun blame us hor~!
Bo bian~, still have to eat. This super restaurant really shit brix one, located at Jalam Imbi. Their food is so so only, below average but the price really @@
Cost us RM529 for a 11 person table.
fake sea cucumber!
Think a while ler, no babi, no ikan, no udang, no sharkfin!

Don't know what happen to Domo facebook as everyone is camwhoring their new year look almost everyday, where can lose??
This is my CNY shirt, i wear it everyday for the whole CNY!
Camwhore with bro with his new CNY face expression.
Tangkap dari langit!

Yeah,not to forget vege lou sang with no salmon =(
This year lou sang a lot of time lor. 3 times and counting.

This year we special a bit, we going for a 3 days trip to northside of Malaysia. Of course with a mission!

Visit mother's side relative - Kedah
Meeting up with Domoba's 30 yrs no meet BFF. - Alor setar
Visit Uncle Lau - Penang

So excited saw lion dance, macam seldom see in KL one.

Everynight also drink beer coz north side water shortage.
Only have beer. Fat bro drink until wan fight with other people.
Used to drink this during secondary school, sambil drink sambil act pai kia! hahahah

Manage to meet jin jin's son. Dad likes to play with kids~!

Also meet our long-time-no-meet friend bobby-boy~!
Although very old liao but still looks cute!

This year angpao not bad pun, better than last year but still far from my dream setting...

seriously everytime i get angpao i also feel paiseh coz how to say also 30yrs old liao. Suppose to get married and give angpao to other ppl liao.

Everytime i see relative everyone also asking same question. "when are you gonna get married"
after that my parents will look at me with the same kind of expression.

If i want get married i will get married...
Don't pressure me. I understand you feel jeles when see ppl got cucu dukung, actually i also feel jeles see ppl got anak comel. it's not time yet, time will come. i wish my bro go fuck ppl and and accident make cucu for them so they dun target me =( am I, earning money working softly.
making future...



Sunday, January 15, 2012

For Love and More

This chapter of For Love and More,
featuring Chelsea and Luis.

Box very small :P will post up full photo soon

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Monday Motivation

Very short comic which Domo found when surfing the web.
Wanted to share with all my fellow readers..
Moral of the story, very obvious...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Best Friend Wedding T-23 hour

Time minus 23 hour.
 After this there will be less 1 emo-single-man.
Wherelse there will be +1 happy married couple.

Stay Tune!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alex Wedding Rehearsal

Yesterday right after work Domo rush to Holy Rosary Church.
Event starts at 730pm but Domo arrived at 6pm!
I tot will be jam like mufu but no jam at all~!
Feel very honorable being invited and it's the 1st time Domo attend church wedding!
NERVOUS!!!! and my bridesmate are somehow cute!!
my nervous meter had gone up to more than 9000!!

Wait till everyone had arrived, domo have to cover up by putting a cool face and
walk in like a boss!!

For a newbie like me, the ceremony is very long and a bit complicated.
Lucky my job is to stand beside the Groom and...stare...
Father says my actual job is to catch the groom when he trying to escape fr the marriage.

Well, a bit of mixed feeling here...somehow a dilemma had come upon domo.
This one will be the last BESTest friend wedding.
After this no more single best friend.
Will we still hang out like old days?
Meatally cheong together or organizing some gayday?
Kayu after work and starbuck?

:            (

But sometime we can't be so selfish.
Hereby I wish a success wedding upon Alex and Wife and let us praise the lord!
Thanks you Lord for bringing Alex and Liz together, 
Lord please bless them with Long lasting eternity love until doomsday.
Even after doomsday when both of them die kena crushed by the collapsing building, they will..
die together and love each other in other dimension~!

thank you lord.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kuantan is a Beach

Domo third visits to Kuantan.
Always business trip which took us 4 hrs drives.
The road are so bored to drive coz basically it's a full stretch of straight boring road with no scnerary and full of speed trap.

 Very different from west Malaysia.
Chinese here are filthy rich..well most of them.
Seen the biggest bungalow with super imba design.
they roll with a minimum BMW 5 series.
Not much night entertainment except drinking! it's very understandable because it's peaceful here, temperature are much more chiller than west. It's like we had gone to other country.

2 groups of drinker here.
1st group is at lower end, drink beer in kopitiam looking all badass emo look!
2nd group drinks single malt whisky with seafood. Domo really can;t imagine few people could finish 3+1 bottle of liquor in a short time. really crazy ass! each and every one's car's boot are at least equipped with few bottle of liquor.
Farmer here are nicer than the southern, they got sooo much money from harvesting timber so rearing chicken are just side income. Some of them treat it as a hobby!

 It might look normal to yall but domo had never seen such decent farm house! Dimension of 400 x 30 m double decker chicken house by an indian couple with 2 workers.

They are soooo dedicated and treat those chicks like their own son! everything are so well managed here. Even the worst quality baby chick they raised until fat fat round round. See liao also feel like squeezing them!
All those chick are well feed and live in a clean environment~!
Too bad they are going to be slaughter and got eaten by us very soon~~ hahahahaha
Looking forward to visit kuantan if still no business boss are gonna slaughter me =(

Till then...kthxbai!